Sunqiao Ag Research Center/ Aquaponics Workshop for Govt/Sage Vision

So this week I visited the Sunqiao Agricultural Research Center where the Chinese government is studying everything from hydroponics to laboratory germination practices. They grow the typical peppers and tomatoes but also focus on chinese medicinal plants…

Sunqiao Ag Center


Perlite bag growing peppers


Harvesting hydroponic tomatoes


Laboratory for plant tissue replication


Vertical aquaponics


I also [...]

Wuhan U. Urban Ag Forum

This week I travelled to Wuhan University for an urban agriculture/new foodscapes forum. Several Wuhan professors from the landscape architecture program gave interesting talks on city planning in China to incorporate productive green spaces meaning growing food in city green spaces.
I was honored to be asked to give a short presentation on my projects.


Asia's Financial Hub and 1st Aquaponics

The Bund

So I explored The Bund which is Asia’s financial center and the skyscrapers to prove it! Looking across the Huangpu River you see the explosion of Shanghai and China’s economic dominance. China’s megacities have an incredible efficiency built into them as Shanghai must move about 27 million people around its areas on a [...]

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So I arrived in Shanghai, Pudong Airport yesterday and made it to my apartment and did some grocery shopping. I am getting ready to explore the city before I start my internship duties. 

Welcome to Shanghai

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It’s official. I’m now a radio superstar. (Not really)

This week I was welcomed onto the UVI radio station to talk about the work I have done while here and, of course, the greater topic of aquaponics. I was not the original guest but a tag-along as I have been working alongside the main guest, Don [...]

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I arrived on the beautiful island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands with a keen interest in being out of the 40 degree temperatures in the West Virginia mountains. This was definitely satiated by the warm, sunny island life and a lack of air conditioning in my small apartment.

Before beginning my time at [...]

Saying goodbye to wild, wonderful West Virginia

My last week at Reymann Memorial Farm in Wardensville, WV made me realize that my stay here was much too short. With so many activities and areas of interest concerning pressing themes in the aquaponics industry, there was more to analyze than I gave myself time to do. I’m glad I am being so fully [...]

Week 1 – Washington DC, Dept of the Environment

Started my first week of internship in the Office of Policy and Sustainability within the District of Columbia’s Department of the Environment, DDOE, and it has been a very fine week

This office was charged with writing and spearheading the implementation of the city’s sustainability plan. The plan, ‘Sustainable DC’, was published in February to much [...]

Week 4- Cleveland EcoDistrict Legitimization Process

This week, an EcoDistrict Working Group met to finalize a carbon analysis and toolkit consulting group. This topic is chosen because the City of Cleveland Major Jackson signed the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. The City of Cleveland therefore has needed to create a Climate Action Plan.

During the meeting, I updated the group and I [...]

Week 3- Cleveland EcoVillage Green Map

During my initial introduction meeting, the local councilperson, Matt Zone expressed his desire to have a map that describes the EcoVillage to the community. This week, I focused on creating a ‘Green Map’ ( for on behalf of the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (

The Detroit Shoreway EcoVillage Green Map can be seen here–