Last week on the Island




Last week on the Island

My last week was eventful to say the least.. It was crunch time for us Permaculture students, we had to finalize our projects and prepare a presentation.  My project for the National Organic Certification consisted of lengthy applications, for example the Organic Systems Plan and the Organic Livestock Plan.  In addition i had to map the entire property and the parcel of land we were applying for certification.  I had to complete several different layers to show the contours, different zones, energy sector analysis, existing structures, fields/gardens and ponds, Vegetation, and Livestock.  While completing our individual projects, we still had to work everyday out in the fields and complete the harvest for our CSA Community Supported Agriculture commitments.  It was a busy week, but it was amazing and my only regret is not being able to stay longer.

One of our Swale plots


Leaving the Islands

I just flew back to the States yesterday and let me tell you.. I never thought I would experience culture shock coming back to Florida.  It amazes me how many unnecessary things people think they need.  For the last seven weeks I have experienced living out in nature, with no doors, no windows, no a/c, or hot water.  So to come back to Tampa, I almost feel slightly disgusted to see how much energy people waste, and how much people dont think about the food they put in their mouth.  This experience has brought so much knowledge and deeper understanding of sustainable farming and living.  I feel like I see everything in a much different light.  I only wish i was still there..

St. Croix Sunset

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