Checking out the water tanks

Panamanians love Croc sandals and water systems made from PVC pipe. I will purchase PVC pipe and all kinds of attachment pieces for a project I am building at a rural residence in Juan Gill, Panama, near where I stay in San Miguel.

Somebody's water system…took this photo heading back into San Miguel after hiking [...]


It’s been a week since the end of my time at the City of Markham Sustainability Office, and I’ve been visiting other sites in the area to provide both anchors and comparatives for my research.  The work going on in the municipal office is important, but the greater context matters even more.

The first thing that [...]

Slow Down Dinner



Ridge to Reef Farm

Slow Down Dinner

Every once a month or so, the Farm will host a slow down dinner.  It is a six course meal made from all organic locally grown food from the farm or neighbors.  This donation based dinner helps bring the community together to share our wonderful food and bridge [...]


Now that my internship at the City of Markham is complete, it’s hard to believe six weeks flew by so quickly.  When I look at the variety and range of projects, meetings, and events I participated in it’s hard to believe it was only six weeks.  The staff at the Markham Sustainability Office were a delight, [...]

Desfíle Ecologico


Rosina, one of my 6th grade students, holds the banner for the San Miguel school as they march down the street in La Mesa.

Wednesday our English classes were cancelled at the school because the students were participating in the Desfile Ecologico, March for Ecology, in the neighboring town of La Mesa, Panama. The Community [...]

Meeting Señor Ruti

Let me tell you an interesting story about the day I met Señor Ruti.

Who is Señor Ruti you might ask?

He is the manager of the water treatment plant in La Mesa, Panama. Our paths crossed one Monday morning when I stopped in La Mesa to try to figure out the source of the water at [...]

National Historic Park


Salt River Bay National Historic Park


First Permaculture Client

The other day we were able to experience our first real life permaculture design project.  The Salt River Bay National Historic Park, also commonly known as Columbus Landing, was created in 1992 by Congress to preserve, protect, and tell the story of its rich contributions to [...]

River Access Comparison

River Access


During my time here I have taken time apart from the office to look around and notice the various sustainable features in the city, as well as the potential.  This is a diverse and vibrant community with a strong economy and effective government, so a great deal is possible.

Historic Main Street, Unionville

A PV [...]

Europe (Final Posting) - Ecotourism Guidelines and Field Visits

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