Week 2- Cleveland EcoDistrict Brochure

I am stationed at the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Office (DSCDO) off Detroit Avenue and W. 65th Street to better acquaint myself with the community. The DS Community Organizer gave me a tour of the EcoVillage and neighborhood, during the tour a construction manager gave us an impromptu tour of one of his newly completed townhomes that are built in correspondence with the DSCDO tio increase the critical mass.

While back in the office, I am working through two file drawers of EcoVillage paperwork to create a workbook. After work during this week, a CEO of a local business whom I discussed the project to emphasized that this material needs to be understandable and relative to the community members.

One of the key EcoVillage materials is a Design Charette that is based on feedback from community members on what they want to see in the EcoVillage. The results were: (1) Green Buildings (2) Urban Agriculture & Greenspace (3) Transit-Oriented Development (4) Societal Independence. Based on this, I made a brochure/flyer/mailer using the green terms in the design charette.  A later version is translated for all of the community.

Please see the attached link. Detroit Shoreway EcoVillage_Brochure


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