Week 4- Cleveland EcoDistrict Legitimization Process

This week, an EcoDistrict Working Group met to finalize a carbon analysis and toolkit consulting group. This topic is chosen because the City of Cleveland Major Jackson signed the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. The City of Cleveland therefore has needed to create a Climate Action Plan.

During the meeting, I updated the group and I [...]

Week 3- Cleveland EcoVillage Green Map

During my initial introduction meeting, the local councilperson, Matt Zone expressed his desire to have a map that describes the EcoVillage to the community. This week, I focused on creating a ‘Green Map’ ( for on behalf of the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (

The Detroit Shoreway EcoVillage Green Map can be seen here–



Week 2- Cleveland EcoDistrict Brochure

I am stationed at the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Office (DSCDO) off Detroit Avenue and W. 65th Street to better acquaint myself with the community. The DS Community Organizer gave me a tour of the EcoVillage and neighborhood, during the tour a construction manager gave us an impromptu tour of one of his newly completed [...]

Auto Draft

Over the past week, I have been working at the Aquaculture Marketing and Product Development aquaponics and aquaculture project site at the WVU state extension farm in Wardensville, West Virginia. I am about halfway through my stay here and it has proved to be an amazing learning experience.

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Week 1- City of Cleveland EcoDistrict


I chose to start my internship in a place close to home- the City of Cleveland. The City of Cleveland’s administration is currently working on a sustainability mission that works to use ‘sustainability’ as an economic development goal and to help save the city money, see more here. The City of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability [...]