Week 4- Cleveland EcoDistrict Legitimization Process

This week, an EcoDistrict Working Group met to finalize a carbon analysis and toolkit consulting group. This topic is chosen because the City of Cleveland Major Jackson signed the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. The City of Cleveland therefore has needed to create a Climate Action Plan.

During the meeting, I updated the group and I discussed how I will be creating a holistic approach to sustainability and be creating a Sustainability Action Plan. This week I have focused on GIS analysis for environmental sustainability and my advisor has lectured me on the aspects of social sustainability, especially at the neighborhood level.

This week, I took a tour with EcoVillage resident and co-founder of EcoVillage Produce LLC., Margaret Armstead (Ms. Margaret), to learn more about the neighborhood. (Pictures coming soon.)

To learn more about Cleveland’s Climate Action Plan, visit here–


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