So this week I visited the Sunqiao Agricultural Research Center where the Chinese government is studying everything from hydroponics to laboratory germination practices. They grow the typical peppers and tomatoes but also focus on chinese medicinal plants…

Sunqiao Ag Center


Perlite bag growing peppers


Harvesting hydroponic tomatoes


Laboratory for plant tissue replication


Vertical aquaponics


I also got to participate with David Li in a workshop for about 20 government officials in Shanghai. The 3rd picture shows all the elements of the system which is simple. The system includes 2.5 gallon plastic container for the fish tank area, (2)           1-gallon containers for the grow space, hydration growing media (the clay balls), 3/4″ PVC pipe for water circulation connected to a small submersible pump, 4 goldfish and a mint plant. This workshop was a demonstration to show these government officials how aquaponics works as well as for them to have their own take-home systems so they can experience growing their own herbs in the kitchen window or something along these lines. David hopes to inspire larger projects around Shanghai with aquaponic systems setup on the Shanghai library rooftop and other public spaces.

David Li instructing the system assembly

Chinese gov't official drilling hole for water flow in aquaponics fish tank













Aquarium aquaponics home system


Sage vision founded by Lynn King is teaching students and parents about aquaponics and growing their own food. This pic below is of Lynn instructing students at the Fish Garden installation at L’otel in Shanghai. Lynn is building a summer camp initiative to further expand the reach of aquaponics and urban farming education.

Sage Vision Aquaponics

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