Europe – Part Two

First week on the Island


My first week on St. Croix at the Sustainable Farm Institute has been amazing so far to say the least!  So much as happened I’m not even sure where to start..  Check out more about the Farm and the Ridge to Reef program at

Ridge to Reef

The first two nights here, [...]

Zagreb, ISRBC – Week 2: Slovenia, Eco-Tourism Conference


I’ll be brief this time… This week was also jam packed with activities. I began the week by taking a train to Slovenia to attend two meetings in the capital city, Ljubljana. To my eyes, Slovenia is a smaller, quainter, quieter, village-structured country. It boarders Italy on the west and in my imagination it [...]

Coral Reefs and Tinglares (Leatherback Turtles)!


This last week in Culebra was wonderful! From the barely 2000 residents of Culebra I have been able to in various occasions share casual conversations with the locals on the Island’s sustainability. The weather has been hot and humid. The Sahara dust makes the days hazy and the views not as breathtaking. The island [...]

Zagreb, International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) – Week 1


As some of you know, I am working closely with another student from the program, Sherri Swanson. The general focus of her project is sustainable eco-tourism within wetlands but I encourage you to read her blogs for full details. The focus of my project was intended to be utilizing treatment wetlands (TW) to improve [...]



In the space of a few days, my project here in Markham has evolved into four projects–all squarely within my research area.  Having completed work on the Sustainable Community Grant, I was tasked with inquiring into a policy or bylaw shift to allow and promote (possibly require at some point) hybrid and fuel-efficient [...]

Japan: Week 3


I have officially experienced my first typhoon! I came to the university today to get some work done when one of the graduate students kindly informed me that there would be a typhoon that afternoon and that if I had to take a train home, I should leave earlier since they would probably be [...]

Early Efforts


Beginning my second week at the Town of Markham Office of Sustainability, I have already been involved with a broad range of projects and activities.

Saturday I worked with the Outreach folks at the Markham Village Music Festival, spreading awareness about the Town’s Greenprint sustainability plan.  Our current focus on food security was front [...]

Eastern Europe - Part 1


Japan: Week 2


Although being exhausted from my crazy walking adventure through Kobe, I went to the university on Monday the 11th of June to meet with Dr. Matsuda because he and his students were taking a trip to Ashiya (a nearby town), to do an interview with an elderly gentlemen who suffers from mesothelioma due to [...]