Slow Down Dinner



Ridge to Reef Farm

Slow Down Dinner

Every once a month or so, the Farm will host a slow down dinner.  It is a six course meal made from all organic locally grown food from the farm or neighbors.  This donation based dinner helps bring the community together to share our wonderful food and bridge the education gap between the farmers and the locals.

Butchered Lamb from the Farm


Locally grown food from the farm


Six Courses of Goodness

Each course is prepared by a legendary Chief from the Island and designed with care.  The purpose of the slow down dinner is to take the time to not only enjoy the food you are eating but most importantly learn about each meal and the ingredients used.  Before each course is served the Chief introduces the plate and explains how it was prepared.  The farm crew, including myself, are the ones who work the dinner.  In the morning we harvest the food needed from the fields, the afternoon is left for cleaning the community center and setting up for approximately 60 guests, and during the evening we are the ones who serve clear and wash the plates.  It is a wonderful experience of community supported agriculture and really brings people together.

Course One


Course Two


Course Three


Course Four


Course Five


Course Six


Everyone having a great time

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